2010 Arts and Teaching Legacy Project

The Sydneham Primary School was one of the schools that benifitted greatly from the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa due to its close proximity to the Nelson mandela Bay Stadium (seen in the background of the picture).  Chaos Boy played in a chess tournament at Sydneham Primary and it gave me an opportunity to take a walk through the school grounds to have a look at some of the art pieces installed at the school as part of the 2010 Arts and Teaching Legacy Project.  There are four of which one, a mural, unfortunately is taking a bit of damage due to the backboard its been painted on.  Never the less, this piece is called “Post 1994 period until the present time“.  Yeah I know, not a lot of creativity went into naming it.  It represents “a collection of all the happiness after 1994, but tat the same time not forgetting our painful and sad past“.

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  1. Jo

    Yes, not much imagination used in that title! I also get “sad” when I think of the harping back instead of looking forward to how much our country has to offer everyone these days. Thanks for always posting such interesting subjects, Jonker. I hope you and your family are having a great weekend. Greetings, Jo, Tanzania