Admiring the Amphitheatre in the Northern Drakensberg

2017 has kicked off and the ball is in the air with all the players jostling for places below trying to catch what the year is kicking their way.  We ended off 2016 with two weeks camping in the Royal Natal National Park (RNNP) in the Drakensberg hence my little stretch of silence.  I have so many pictures from the trip I'm working through and some of them really show off the beauty of that area very well which means…


A selfie while walking in the Sardinia Bay Nature Reserve

After a morning of mowing the law and doing some things around the house I headed out for a spot of Geocaching this afternoon.  Rather than just doing a few park and grab caches, I opted to go for a walk in the Sardinia Bay Nature Reserve and pick up a series of 12 caches that I've been wanting to do for a while now.  The caches in question aren't on the regular trails but rather higher up in the…


Christmas selfie

This year rather than posting a Christmas tree or Christmas scene I decided to post a Christmas selfie.  Ok, so I admit it's both a tree and a scene, but it is a selfie after all.  I would like to wish all my Christian friends and family as well as all my blog and social media followers a Merry Christmas.  Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day. 


Karoo rain selfie

I enjoy taking selfies.  It is something one has to do if you travel solo a lot (which I normally do when travelling for business) and want to at least be in a picture.  Selfies are also a way to tell people "Look where I am and you're not" making it a great tourism marketing tool.  Driving back to Port Elizabeth from Johannesburg I was on a quiet road between Steynsburg and Hofmeyr in the Karoo and stopped to stretch my legs.  There…


A Table Mountain “selfie”

A quick three day visit to Cape Town for World Travel Market Africa had me slip out the exhibition at lunch time on day 1 to head down to the V&A Waterfront for a quick lunch.  Well, probably more sightseeing that lunch (as if I've never been there but I am the eternal tourist).  I ended up at the #LoveCapeTown selfie frame enjoying the view and before I knew it I was taking pictures for a German couple wanting to  have a…

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Hiking “feet” selfie

Selfies is the "in" thing these days, specially while on holiday or doing activities.  Its a way to remember places by talking a picture of yourself somewhere.  In a world of social media its also a way of "look where I am and you're not".  There seem to be two types of selfies though.  The one is the obvious one of taking a picture of, well, yourself.  As in your face.  But there is also a growing tendency in taking…

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