Admiring the Amphitheatre in the Northern Drakensberg

Drakensberg Amphitheater
2017 has kicked off and the ball is in the air with all the players jostling for places below trying to catch what the year is kicking their way.  We ended off 2016 with two weeks camping in the Royal Natal National Park (RNNP) in the Drakensberg hence my little stretch of silence.  I have so many pictures from the trip I’m working through and some of them really show off the beauty of that area very well which means I’m going to share a lot of Drakensberg photos with you in the near future. 
The picture above is a “selfie” I took one morning just after 6am.  I was up early and wanted to get a couple of nice early morning pics of the Amphitheatre with blue skies, something that can often change very quickly with approaching thunderstorms. I headed to the dam at the RNNP reception building for a few reflection photos and then down to Tugela River flowing past the park.  After a few pics I needed to get one with a person in it and as I was the only one around I had to make a plan. So it was a case of balancing my camera on a rock and hoping I can get to a good position in time without breaking my ankle.  Mission accomplished.  

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  1. Natstravelogue

    Stunning place! I'm counting the weeks until my next visit there at the end of March… we'll be staying at Montusi Mountain Lodge :-)Happy 2017!

  2. Gaelyn

    Great shot. I've just seen a shot of the Drakensberg in my files and long to hike there again. So lush. Of course there is a lot of rain. Glad you got to enjoy it for two glorious weeks. Just a little jealous. Looking forward to more photos.

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