Watching sunset

The Sardinia Bay dunes are probably the best place in Port Elizabeth to enjoy the sunset. My phone takes stunning photos, I've just realised that it doesn't do so when I zoom. But I just had to get this shot of this guy standing on the dune as the sun was heading for the horizon.


Sards dune ridge

Aaaahhhh, Sardinia Bay. One of my absolute favorite places. Last week we went to Sards for the first time since lock down started for sunset. And a beautiful sunset it was. It is winter though and as soon as the sun is gone it gets cold so we didn't hang around much longer. I did get a dusk shot down the dune's ridge to the beach and suddenly wished I could go for a nice long walk.


Sunset at Sardinia Bay

The dune at Sardinia Bay is probably the best and most popular spot in Port Elizabeth to enjoy a beautiful sunset. We haven't been for ages and I got tired of seeing other people post photos of it on Facebook, so on Tuesday afternoon I made a suggestion to go when I got home from work and was still putting down my bag when I heard the door close as everybody headed for the car.

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Sardinia Bay from the air video

[youtube=]This week's Video Friday post is another of Renaldo Gouws' aerial drone videos, this time of what is probably Port Elizabeth's most special beach.  Sardinia Bay. Enough said. 


Wild flowers along Sardinia Bay

While walking in the Sardinia Bay Nature Reserve last weekend I realised that you don't need to travel to the West Coast to see flowers.  We also have a huge variety of wild flowers in bloom during spring.  We may not have the quantity but we definitely have the variety and the beauty.