Gnomesville PE

Norm Hudlin on Kragga Kamma Road was created to offer mountain bikers a variety of easy routes in a safe environment. Quickly it also became a popular spot for a jog or a walk and lately it is the hub for families enjoying the painted rocks phenomena. Norm Hudlin is now also home to Gnomesville PE, which was a long time dream of local resident Graham Chrich, or plainoldgraham as his Geocaching friend know him. Graham got to visit a…

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St George’s Park Ox wagon

I'm sure most Port Elizabethans who grew up here would have played in the playpark at St George's Park at one stage or another as a kid and would remember the oxen and wagon. I remember playing on it and so do my kids. After taking a walk around Art in the Park on Sunday, Miggie couldn't wait to hop on just for the fun of it.

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Here comes the dune

One moment you are leisurely strolling with your toes in the sand next to the Maitland River and the next instant sweat is pouring down your forehead as you climb THE dune.

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Fun on the Maitland dune

There is nothing more fun for a kid, and I say kid liberally as some of us adults are still kids at heart as well, than to go and climb the Maitland sand dune on a Sunday morning. Even better, take an old boogie board or carton box along and go and slide down the dune. And if you don't have one of those, just run full tilt and jump.

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Trampoline park fun

The days of saying there is nothing to do in Port Elizabeth is long gone. Loooonnnngggg gone.  Yes, a lot of the activities on offer is going to set you back a few bucks, but it's exactly the same wherever you are in the world.  We've had to choose very carefully this summer holiday is everything does add up to quite a lot if you do something that costs money every day. Supertube, laster games, ice skating, go-carting, wall climbing,…

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Laser games is back in Port Elizabeth

Remember Laser Games? Wow, we used to play so often back in the days when there was still an arena at the old tenpin bowling and game centre next to Greenacres.  It's probably been a good 20 years since they closed down there so I was very excited to see that there are laser Games back in town.  Last week we took the KidZ for a game and the moment I headed into the room with the gun in hand…

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The Slides at MacArthur’s

On Saturday Miggie had her birthday party at MacArthur Pool and the kids spent most of the day on MacArthur's slides.  Even though they really are kiddie slides, even I decided to go down once or twice... or five times.  Who's counting?

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Rock hoppings at Schoenies

The coastline at Schoenmakerskop with all its rocks, pools and gullies really lends itself to exploring youngsters.  Like a free treasure hunt jungle gym exploration facility. 

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Shopping Centre Train

I wonder how many shopping centres have a kiddies train that do rounds though the centre like the one at Moffet-on-Main.  Moffet-on-Main is quite a popular spot for families with small children what with the Funky Frogs kiddies play area and a coffee shop for the moms (and dads) right next door.  Whoever added the train had a stroke of genius when they did that as it means that there are always kiddies around wanting to ride on it. So…

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Giraffes on the beachfront

The harbour giraffes aren't the only giraffes you see on the beachfront.  There are also twenty kiddie giraffe rides at the Kings Beach Park play area.

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