Grave Search #4

This is the last of the Grave Search posts that I have at the moment. I have one more grave that I'm struggling to find, but will post that as soon as I find it. The request read as follows:"One of my wife's distant ancestors is buried in that cemetery, and I wondered how easy it would be to get a photograph of his grave. James Hancock was born on 1 May 1776 in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, England. He married Ann…


Grave Search #3

Grave Search #3 is a request I received from Jenny in Australia via a comment on the blog.  Unfortunately She never left an e-mail address, so I haven't been able to send them to her directly.  I hope you are seeing this Jenny.  Jenny asked: "Hi, was wondering if you are ever back at St Mary's Cemetery if you could take a photograph for me of one of my ancestor's resting places. The location is - Plot: CD/M4 - the…

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Grave Search #2

The second grave in my Grave Search series was a request I received not long after the first one.  Indigo asked me if it wasn't possible to track down her great grandmother's grave in the South End Cemetery.  After the first search I knew where to go and find the information and found this one a lot easier than the first.

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Grave search 1

Regular readers of both my blogs probably know of my fascination with old cemeteries which leads to often posting grave pictures, specially on The Firefly Photo Files. The only reason I post most on there and not here is cause I often discover interesting grave yards in small town while on holiday and weekend outings and it doesn't fall within the Port Elizabeth area.  Anyway, due to the fact that I post these I have had a couple of people e-mailing…