Grave Search #3

Grave Search #3 is a request I received from Jenny in Australia via a comment on the blog.  Unfortunately She never left an e-mail address, so I haven’t been able to send them to her directly.  I hope you are seeing this Jenny. 
Jenny asked: “Hi, was wondering if you are ever back at St Mary’s Cemetery if you could take a photograph for me of one of my ancestor’s resting places. The location is – Plot: CD/M4 – the monument is for a M Wissing.” 
As I didn’t have a layout for the cemetery, I started walking up and down the rows of graves from one side.  Because the grave yard is so old, quite a lot of the grave stones have either disappeared, was damaged or has weather so badly that you can’t read the inscriptions and I was just about to give in when I looked up and there it was. “Sacred to the memory of M Wissing.”

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  1. Gaelyn

    All right. The grave searches continue to be successful. Hope Jenny stops back by.