A classy day at the Jazzy Boozy Cheezy Affaire

Anybody blindfolded and flown around the country before being dropped off at the Jazzy Boozy Cheezy Affaire would have been excused if they guessed their destination to be somewhere in the Cape Winelands after seeing what was around them.  They would have been very wrong though.  The JBC wasn't taking place in the Cape Wineland.  Far from it.  It took place just outside Addo at Africanos Country Estate in the Sundays River Valley of the Eastern Cape.The JBC Affaire wasn't…

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Beer bread from Dockside Brewery

Dockside Brewery in the Baakens Valley doesn't just brew craft beer for the drinking market.  They also brew a craft beer specially to bake beer bread with.  Their very first beer wasn't the best drinking beer but they quickly found out that it was perfect for baking beer bread so they continued making it.  As they put it, All of the flavour has been imparted into the beer leaving the dry ingredients very basic, resulting in an original unmistakable extraordinary…

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Oudebosch – the perfect stop in the Tsitsikamma

It was a cold and somewhat wet winters afternoon and were heading back to Port Elizabeth after a very enjoyable pre-cold front weekend in The Crags.  Driving along the N2, most people make their comfort and coffee / food stop at Storms River Bridge.  I haven't done that for a  number of years now  Not since discovering the Oudebosch Farmstall about 30 km east of the bridge.  We took the Kareedouw / Eersterivier offramp from the N2 and turned right towards the coastline.  Oudebosch lies about 400 meters…


Snacks at Bridge Street

The fare at Tuesday evening's launch of Travel Massive Port Elizabeth at Bridge Street Brewery.  Craft beer and focaccia.  The bad part of it was that I was doing the talk with my beer in hand while everybody else were tucking in on the snacks.  *sigh*

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Baviaans Lodge – a special oasis in the southern Baviaanskloof

The Baviaanskloof must be on the bucket list of a lot of South African travellers.  Stunning scenic beauty which, if she was a person, would put her in the top three of a Miss Universe competition.  Isolation, but not like just around the corner where you can't hear the traffic.  A true wilderness area.  UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Overnighting in caves or on a river beach next to sheer cliffs.  Challenging roads.  Unfortunately for us mere sedan drivers a big part…


Dune Ridge – a country jewel in the St Francis Bay crown

When you think St Francis Bay in the Eastern Cape you tend to think beautiful coastline and black and white houses on the canals.  If you had to spend a weekend in St Francis you would probably expect your guesthouse to have stunning sea views or be situated right on the canals.  Yes, but not always.  We spend a fabulous weekend at Dune Ridge Country House just outside (and with this I mean literally only a stone's throw away) St…


Kiplings T-bone

The most yummy T-bone and sides I've had in a long time was this one at Kiplings at the Boardwalk Hotel a couple of weeks ago. Nom nom nom...

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Trying new menu items at Fratelli Foods

A couple of weeks ago I had to meet a friend of mine for a business breakfast and she suggested we go to the newly opened Fratelli Foods in the Lower Baakens Valley.  Fratelli is an Italian Deli and Coffee Bar and at that stage they hadn't even had their signage up yet but I had a feeling that it would turn into a very popular spot very soon.  I immediately joined their Facebook group to keep an eye on them. …

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Food and wine paring presented by Shefetswe

So they say that wine is the "Nectar of the Gods".  Personally I prefer fruit juice or a Crème Soda, but I'm not totally anti wine.  I just never learned to drink it and even though I won't touch a red I wouldn't say no to a nice sweet Rose or late harvest.  Even in saying all that I really enjoy wine tastings - see, trying to teach myself to appreciate wine as one probably should.  A week or two ago…

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Boerewors Roll queue

The guys who do the most business at any festival or show are the guys with the food stalls.  This was again evident at Art in the Park this past Sunday.  As lunch time started to come around the queues at the food stalls started to grow. Pancakes, burgers, springrolls and specifically this stall selling boerewors and russian rolls.

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