Earth Day 2014 – Swartkops sunset

On 22 April (today if you read this post on the day it got posted) we celebrate Earth Day.  Earth Day is an annual event held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection.  The day was first celebrated in 1970 with 192 countries now taking part each year. In celebration of Earth Day 2014 I'm posting a picture of the Swartkops River taken by fellow Geocacher Emile Hallaby, or Speedbird315 as he is known in Geocaching circles, just after sunset from Bluewater Bay.  I'm posting…

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Hanging (tomato) gardens

This is the last post in this short series featuring the UDDI's Despatch Eco-Hub.  Part of their vegetable garden project is a very innovative hanging tomato garden.  The tomato seeds were first planted  together before its going to be replanted into cut off plastic two liters cold drink bottles.  These containers will then be hung on the fence with wire creating a tomato "hedge".  Very good idea if you are short of space.


Tyre veggie garden

One of the main projects at the UDDI's Despatch Eco-Hub is a very innovative tyre garden.  Two tyres are fixed onto of each other, filled with soil and veggies planted in them.  It a great way to recycle tyres as well as establish a veggie garden where the soil may be of bad quality or there may not be enough space for a garden.  They can quite easily be moved around as well.  The other thing tyres are used for at the…


Despatch Eco-Hub Recycling

The Uitenhage Despatch Development Initiative (UDDI) recently established their first Eco-Hub as a pilot project in the Despatch township of Khayamnandi.  The project is about "transforming hot spots into green spots" and involves the empowerment of members from the local community to do something for themselves, their community as well as the environment.  One of the components of the project is a recycle station where residents can separate glass, paper, plastic and cans with a fifth bin for grass cuttings…


Save the planet…..Recycle

It is utterly crazy that in a city the size of Port Elizabeth, no municipal structures exist for the recycling of waste. Luckily, for those of us who care more about the planet than our town fathers (and mothers!) do, these enterprising ladies have set up a company called Greencycle, to help with recycling in PE. For a nominal monthly fee, they will collect your plastic, metal, glass and paper waste, and make sure it is distributed to the correct…