Hanging (tomato) gardens

This is the last post in this short series featuring the UDDI’s Despatch Eco-Hub.  Part of their vegetable garden project is a very innovative hanging tomato garden.  The tomato seeds were first planted  together before its going to be replanted into cut off plastic two liters cold drink bottles.  These containers will then be hung on the fence with wire creating a tomato “hedge”.  Very good idea if you are short of space.

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  1. Gaelyn

    Great idea. The B&B I mentioned before also uses the cut off liter bottles, the other end, and hangs them on a pole with wire loop and drip irrigation runs down from the top one to the bottom. I think he had strawberries. Someday I'll have a garden again. Great series.

  2. AJ

    I love the idea of using whatever is at hand. I used to do potatoes in tires… I think I may just give it another go!My pepper plants are in cut 5 liter water bottles. The good lady is out in the shops getting me some fertilizer as I type this… 😉 PS – I'm doing a sneaky comment at work… as you know, I can't seem to do comments anymore from my little note pad… gremlins! 😉