Eersterivier – the Tsitsikamma’s hidden gem

Hidden on the rugged eastern coastline of the Tsitsikamma is a little gem that not a lot of people know of.  Somewhere you can get away from it all and enjoy stunning scenic coastal landscapes bordered by cliffs and lush vegetation.  Somewhere you can take in a bit of beach life and lots of vitaminSea without being trampled underfoot by crowds.  This little hidden corner on the Garden Route is Eersterivier. One can't really call Eersterivier a town or a village.  Its…


A Tsitsikamma Sho’t Left

We really don't need much motivation to pack our bags and head somewhere for a Sho't Left weekend.  Not at all.  Even more so when the invitation for that Sho't Left comes from the Tsitsikamma which is only an hour and a half from our home base in Port Elizabeth. A call from Penny of Tsitsikamma Seaside Accommodation along with an earlier invitation by Anneline of Storms River Adventures had us planning a weekend that included some beach time, nature time, family time and ultimately,…


Sunset in Eersterivier

I have never been disappointed with sunsets at Eersterivier.  We recently spent a weekend in this part of the Tsitsikamma courtesy of Tsitsikamma Seaside Accommodation and even though most of the weekend was a bit on the grey side, the cloud did open enough on our first evening to get this beautiful sunset enhanced with a couple of gulls strolling around on the wet sand.

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Danger Rip Current

Eersterivier in the Tsitsikamma is a beautiful piece of coastline with stunning swimming spots between the rock.  If you do decided to hit the ocean itself you have to be careful of the rip currents created by all the reefs and rocks as indicated by this sign I photographed at sunset.

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Eersterivier Rock features

The rocks at Eersterivier form a lot of interesting little coves and other features. This gully runs along the western side of the village and had lots of kids in it at low tide trying to catch fish with their nets. Next to is was the most amazing deep gully where we swam for most of the day. In between the rocks we found this stunning spot to swim. At its deepest it takes you just below the shoulders. The…


Sandstone rocks and ancient dunes

One of the features of Eersterivier is the ancient sandstone rocks along the sore. They used to be dunes many moons ago but time and other factors (just don't ask me which ones) have hardened them to what they are today. The rocks are very sensitive and visitors to the area are asked not to climb on the or break off pieces. A view down to the small bay on the left hand side of the village where the sand…


Eersterivier sunset

Sunset at Eersterivier in the Tsitsikamma The sunset reflecting in the windows of the houses overlooking the beach Visit the great people at Skywatch to see some more picture that feature the sky.



A week or so ago we spent a weekend at Eersterivier in the Tsitsikamma. I hesitate to call it a village as it is nothing more than two rows of houses wedged between the beach in front and the hill behind. Eersterivier (picture above) and Skuitbaai (in the background of the picture below)next door has less than 100 plots each to avoid it being classified as a village. The weekend's weather was gorgeous, the water turquoise (but for some reason…