Sandstone rocks and ancient dunes

One of the features of Eersterivier is the ancient sandstone rocks along the sore. They used to be dunes many moons ago but time and other factors (just don’t ask me which ones) have hardened them to what they are today. The rocks are very sensitive and visitors to the area are asked not to climb on the or break off pieces.
A view down to the small bay on the left hand side of the village where the sand stone rocks start.

I followed a path to the top of the rocks and on the sea side are quite a few interesting features, amongst others a small arch through which the waves were breaking. Unfortunately my camera conked in before I could go beck there the next day when the sun was shining.

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  1. Carolyn

    Stunning photos of your part of the world. Your blog is very nice. I will be back to view more.Thanks for sharing.Smiles

  2. That water seems so clear and definitely invites you in for a dip.Thanks for all your lovely comments while I was away Jonker. It is greatly appreciated.

  3. Janet

    Lovely photo's! You have captured the beauty of those waves – so quiet and relaxing, until the storm comes!

  4. Zane

    You are really enticing me to go and dive at Eersterivier. The series of blogposts on the area is informative and picturesque. Thanks Jonker.