The Crags Sunset

There is nothing like a beautiful sunset to end off a perfect day.  Sunset over the distant mountains during our recent weekend in The Crags near Plettenberg Bay

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Sunset at the Crags

You know the saying when something goes on till the cows come home?  Well, a day literally does exactly the same.  While camping at The Crags the cows came by to be milked at about three in the afternoon and then headed home to the meadows just after five thirty... when the sun heads for the hills.  This means the day does go on till the cows come home. 

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A dairy farm experience in the Crags

A holiday experience can be made up of anything and for our Easter long weekend Sho't Left to the Crags and Natures Valley we were expecting it to be made up of camping, swimming in the Natures valley lagoon, walks and Geocaching.  Little did we expect a farm experience that got the KidZ a lot more excited than any of the mentioned activities.  The campsite was situated across the road from the Natures Way Farmstall which on its turn is located on a…

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Natures Way Farm Stall

South Africa has some impressive farm stalls.  Some sell nothing more than fresh produce while others are for all intensive purposes a restaurant or curio shop along a high way or back road somewhere.  Its the ones in between that really interests me.  Those who sell something fresh, some curios and also serve a killer meal, even if its nothing more than roosterkoek with jam and cheese.  And coffee.  Lets not forget coffee.  I discovered a farm stall like this on the road…


A calf was born – an unforgettable experience

I remember when I was about 8 or 9 I got to see a cow give birth on a farm I went to with my grand parents.  Its something I never forgot and I always wondered if my KidZ, being city kids, would ever get the opportunity to see it happen.  During our Sho't Left Easter weekend at the Crags we visited the Natures Way Farm Stall across the road from the campsite a couple of times.  Natures Way is…


Sho’t Left to the Crags and Natures Valley

Tourism in South Africa isn't just for international visitors but also for locals.  Yes there are places that most locals would never be able to afford to visit, but there are more places that are affordable to visit and even more things that you can do that actually doesn't cost you anything.  South African Tourism encourages locals to travel through their Sho't Left campaign.  "Sho't Left" is derived from everyday South African "taxi lingo" where a commuter wanting a ride to a…