Natures Way Farm Stall

South Africa has some impressive farm stalls.  Some sell nothing more than fresh produce while others are for all intensive purposes a restaurant or curio shop along a high way or back road somewhere.  Its the ones in between that really interests me.  Those who sell something fresh, some curios and also serve a killer meal, even if its nothing more than roosterkoek with jam and cheese.  And coffee.  Lets not forget coffee.  I discovered a farm stall like this on the road between the Crags and Natures Valley on the Garden Route on a recent Sho’t Left to the area.

Natures Way Farm Stall isn’t a curio selling shop but rather one that focuses on fresh and home made goods.  We were in the area for four days and every morning they had the freshest home made breads and cakes, fresh milk on tap straight from the dairy on the farm the farm stall is located on, jams, dried fruit and a range of dairy products.  They also serve meals, cakes and… coffee on the stoep.

The farm stall sells a range of cheeses made either on the farm or in the area, most made from their own milk.  The problem with a farm stall like this is that my wallet can’t handle everything my eyes want.  I wouldn’t mind having access to fresh milk on tap every day.

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  1. Rhodesia

    It looks a nice stall. One thing we are spoilt with in France is a selection of cheeses, they are amazing. Cheddar though is hard to find! Hope all is well with you. I often read your posts but I am always short on time so comments are few I am afraid. Diane

  2. Unknown

    Ah, have only now found your write-up – thank you very kindly for your words! We would love to have you back again and can chat over a cup of coffee. Kind regards, Judy