Facing my fear of heights on the Pine Lodge high ropes course

I got to face my fear of heights at Pine Lodge the other day and walked away a better man for it.  Pine Lodge not only introduced a zipline to the public, but also a new high ropes course.  The high ropes course consist of two levels with four challenges per level.. We only had time to do the bottom level which is about five meters off the ground.  To get to it you warm up on a little rickety bridge followed by a cable walk, and then the fun starts. 
That’s me in the shorts busy with the “Elvis Walk”.  Believe me, it looks a lot easier than it really is and having a fear of heights didn’t make it any easier.  I nearly turned around after my first try to cross from the first to the second hanging pole, but I persevered.  Your hips and legs truly emulate Elvis while trying to do it and I’m sure I didn’t breath for most of it.  Although I must have cause between the lot of us the age restriction for language was pretty high.
That is me again coming down the last cable walk after the tyre climb.  If you have a bit of time on your hands this summer holiday you have to go and do the zipline and high ropes.  It’s worth it.

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  1. villa

    Mis mejores deseos para estas Navidades, para ti, tu familia y amigos.Un saludo desde Salamanca.

  2. Stefan Jansson

    You are own your way not to get rid of that phobia. Good for you.

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