St Johns Anglican Church

In the little village of Bathurst is the St John’s Anglican Church. It is the oldest unaltered Anglican church in South Africa and was built in 1834 during the frontier wars.

It is surrounded by the most interesting grave stones, some of them dating back and belonging to original British Settlers and their decedents. Because of it’s country setting it is also surrounded by a lot of vegetation amongst others some beautiful Bougainvilleas.

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  1. Marcelle

    1834, thats donkeys ago for SA….I am amazed at the dates I see on churches here in Europe…to think they could build like that so many thousands of years ago!!

  2. Jenty

    What a pretty looking place! And Marcelle’s right, that’s ancient for SA!

  3. Karin

    And there you go with another great shot. I’ve said before that I love this thing that you do with flowers in the foreground, you are very good at spotting this kind photo opportunity.

  4. Ann

    This reminds me of an english summer, lovely feel to this shot, can just imagine tea on the lawn etc, a very evocative, serene view.

  5. bookbabie

    Love how you captured foreground, middle, and then the sky, lovely!

  6. Anonymous

    Interesting and pretty! Love old buildings and churches heaped in history and stories to tell

  7. Jo

    My mother attended this church with her family. Omigosh!!! Wonderful!!!

  8. Tami

    Sigh….again…lovely photo!

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