Little flying critters

At both the places we camped at over Christmas and New Year we got to see bats. Not tons of bats, but a few flying up and down around about dawn. Whenever they banked low over our heads the Damselfly would give a shriek. Its so girly of her. LOL.

On our last night a baby bat flew past us and landed on the side of the tent two spots down from us. We watched him (or her) back its way halfway under the flap and made itself comfortable. It wasn’t bothered at all when the curious dude with the camera came to poke his lens right up to it AND used the flash. So here he is. Batman’s little cousin.
A couple of days after we got home we found that a swarm of bees were moving into our front wall. The bee guy said that a swarm like this can have about 60 000 bees in it, so I didn’t venture too close. Just close enough to get this pic. They have now been removed (I won’t go into the whole complicated method they used) and is happily plying their trade on a farm outside the city.

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  1. Marcelle

    These pics just creep me out!!!!!!!!1

  2. Ann

    Oh that isnt one of those biting bats is it ?? anyway he/she has a very sweet little face, and the Bee’s, OMG I would have run for the hills …great shots :0)

  3. Jeanne

    Oh, just look at that furry little bat! We went to a holiday house of a friend when we were in the USA last year and when we woke up in the morning, there was a teensy bat clinging to the textured ceiling! a bit freaky but once you got over that, pretty adorable!

  4. Anonymous

    Don’t like bats – no matter how cute they may look!! Bee photo is amazing – I would never have thought to get the camera. We’ve had bees in the pool pump several times – they like the warmth, and hum of the motor. Was told to wash the area thoroughly otherwise they return. Also nasty in the roof rafters apparently (hasn’t happened to us fortunately) – the bee chappie said the best thing to do is to sell the house .. as they will also keep coming back !!!

  5. Karin

    Good grief. I don’t know which is worse – creepy bats or menacing bees!!!!!!! I would run at the first sight of either! Great shots!

  6. Tami

    I know that bats are susposed to be icky…but I just can not help myself, I think they are adorable!

  7. Ordinarylife

    I love bats! They are so unusual. I saw some flying foxes in Australia when I was there and have been hooked ever since. I have not managed to get that close in SA though.