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Spotting the little things

We tend to always just notice the big things in life. The ocean or mountain in front of us, the forest or vast plains around us, and the blue sky above or coming rainstorm. Often we don’t see the little things around us, looking right over it to something bigger. It’s important to stop every now and then, look down or around and find that little something that we overlook most of the time.

A walk in the Karoo veld while on a digital detox breakaway at Hillston Farm near Middelburg in the Karoo Heartland was an opportunity to look down rather than up and I was pleasantly surprised with what I spotted. I had a closer look at the termite hills in the veld around me. I noticed how some holes are open and others closed. How the termites have repaired their hills after an aardvark raid with the repaired parts a lot darker than the rest. Even more interesting is that there is no set pattern of holes and passages in any of the termite hills. Oh, how I wish I could spot an aardvark.

Most of the Karoo veld is covered with yellow flowers, but I found this little batch of tiny blue flowers. I nearly walked right past them without noticing.

Dragonflies and damselflies aren’t really the type of insects one associates with the Karoo. Spending a little time around the farm dam I noticed quite a few of both. This luminous blue damselfly sat still long enough for me to snap a picture of it.

A single purple flower in the veld. Bigger than most other flowers and totally on its own.

Another insect that you won’t always expect in the Karoo. A little butterfly. I chased this one from flower to flower till he sat still long enough to get a photo. This after many blurred attempts.

Have you ever had a closer look at the patterns formed when mud dries? For a change I did, and I was glad I did. Along with looking at the little flowers and chasing insects. We all need to do it every now and then.