For my Random … theme I decided to post some food porn (Porn = something of beauty in its natural state causing the viewer’s mouth to water while yearning for it… or something like that. Food porn = exactly the same as normal porn, just food). Today’s food porn, sosatie (or kebabs as some would know it) Basically, food on a stick.

Chicken sosaties over the coals at the St Albans Farmers Market

Mushroom sosaties (and chicken sosaties on the right) at our last braai

Although sosaties are eaten with your hands and off the stick, you can also put it on a hot dog roll, pull the stick free and then eat it. This one is a chicken sosatie roll with sweet chili sauce on it. Njam!

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  1. Dot

    Yum! Cool posting. What's a braai??

  2. Firefly

    Hi Dot. Sorry, it's Afrikaans for barbeque. In South Africa everybody uses it and it has become an universal word

  3. Janet

    Yummy! Now those chicken sosaties looks divine! Just the thing on a bitterly cold Tuesday morning – and the mushroom? Gotta try that!

  4. leilani

    OMG… i could those after swimming. I am always just starved coming out of the water.

  5. leilani

    {use those.}.. sorry fire.. the picture made my sandwhich dull which caused my brain to go on pause=0)

  6. Jenty

    oooh yum! Now you're making me feel hungry again!