Shark Rock Pier from the north – plus a question for followers

Yesterday I posted a photo of Shark Rock Pier all lit up since it’s revamp as seen from Hobie Beach.  I thought I’ll follow it up with a photo from the other side.  I think I prefer this one of the two.  Perhaps it’s just the angle that is tighter or the fact that there are rocks on this side.  Which ever, I like it.

I have a question for you today and you can either give me your opinion as a comment here or on my Facebook page – FireflyAfrica.  I’ve been going through  bit of a slump lately.  I’m just not taking as many photos around Port Elizabeth as I used to.  Partly it is because life, work, life, family, life, KidZ’ exams, etc (have I mentioned life?) is keeping me busy and I’m not getting out there nearly as often as I used to.  Heck, I barely have time to go Geocaching and if that is the case you know I have a problem.  My question I.  What do you want to see on PE Daily Photo?  PE in general?  Then and Now?  Historical sites like monuments?  Natural stuff like trails, nature reserves and parks?  People?  Or just continue doing what I do (which is probably what you’ll get till I get more time to get out there again) and bring you the images of the places I go to and get to see.  Even if it means an overload of for example pier pictures if I’ve been to it.  Anyhow, I thank you for your continued support for PE Daily Photo and a special thanks to those who does give feedback, comments and shares on the various platforms.

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  1. Inge

    People of PE. Places in PE. Events. Nature, history, art, sports, anything Friendly about the Friendly city. I am fairly knew to PE and use your blogs to plan most of my weekends and doings in and around PE. That's how I've got to know the hidden gems of the city! Keep doing what you are doing, loving life!!

  2. Shefetswe

    What Inge said especially the last part – Keep doing what you are doing, loving life!!

  3. Just keep doing what you are doing, so many of your photos bring back great memories for me. Diane

  4. Graham Chrich

    Just keep going would it help you time wise of members of this blog gave you pics, might save you time going out if you are busy. . I have a few you are welcome to use of you feel they are up to scratch . . Don't know how you feel about that let me know

  5. Gaelyn

    I love that you share your beautiful area whenever your able, even if life gets in the way.BTW, this is a stunning shot.

  6. Diana Studer

    (don't stress) We enjoy what you bring. A window on your world.I do admire consistently posting every day, I'd be daunted!

  7. Jonker Fourie

    Thanks for the words of encouragement, Inge. Let me go and find some more hidden gems for you to discover.

  8. Jonker Fourie

    Thanks Shefetswe. And thanks for your continued support and encouragement.

  9. Jonker Fourie

    Thanks Diane. And thanks for being a continuous follower even if I don't always comment back on your blog.

  10. Jonker Fourie

    Thanks Graham. That's actually a good idea. I think I'll start to do “guest photographer” posts more often.

  11. Jonker Fourie

    Thanks Diana. And thanks for always following.

  12. Jonker Fourie

    Thanks Gaelyn for being one of my best and dearest followers

  13. Andries Fourie

    I check your blog most days, and appreciate you taking the time to post photographs and do research. Post whatever you can. We enjoy it all.

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