Sea snails

I found these tiny little sea snails on the moss (or algae, whatever) in the wreck at Cannon Rocks. In the pic it actually looks like they are sitting on lettuce.

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  1. Janet

    Don't they just? I would never have thought they were sea snails. Beautifully captured and I like the textures.

  2. Marcelle

    /Where are u looking when you walking around…*giggle*Does look like lettuce indeed.Still snowing here!!!

  3. Karin

    Yes, it looks exactly like lettuce, LOL! I love the colours in this shot, a very good close-up.

  4. Gaelyn

    So do you eat these things, like in a salad? 😉

  5. Gealyn: all that is need here is some salt and vinegar then you have a salad. :)Great shot Jonker. I hope sometime you are going to show us some of the fish too.

  6. leilani

    some of the seaweeds here in Hawaii are eaten! and i would say yes they are used tossed like lettuce on our raw fish! =0D its easier to eat if you are raised eating it! lolol..beautiful picture!