Sandy Bay

Everybody in South Africa knows (or should know) the name Sandy Bay. It’s probably the only public beach in the country where it’s acceptable to let it all hang out. And with that I mean going nude (Like you didn’t know what it means). So on my recent visit to Cape Town we were driving along the Atlantic Seaboard when my brother asked me if I’ve ever been to Sandy Bay. Now I had heard that you have to walk quite far from Llandudno to get there, but this seemingly isn’t the case. I think somebody tried pulling the wool over my eyes. Obviously he offered to go and show me.
The walk along the coast only takes about 10 minutes or so and has some stunning (scenic) views and turquoise little bays. I felt a bit weird walk with my camera out in the open taking pics all the time, but we didn’t really encounter anybody en route and non of those we did pass were naked or gave me any funny looks.

After a stretch of flat rocks we came over a crest and there it was… Sandy Bay… with no nudes. Bwahahahaha, how funny was that. Not that I was expecting many as it was late winter and a bit chilly. It’s actually quite a stunning beach and I can see why its so popular in summer. Listening to my brother’s rendition of what he saw the day he visited in summer, I may just have to make another trip… Heeheehee…

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  1. Marcelle

    Never been there as I dont do nude in public and if u go there in summer time and dont go nude u get looked at funny….so have always stayed away.BTW…like Avril I have reached my quota for photo's on my blog….so have had to buy more space…waiting for the 24 hours so I can blog again…LOL

  2. Well THIS was not what I expected of you Jonker. At least you could have found us one nude. LOL!!I have not been there either although, I do know of it. What a lovely beach this is too. I love the look of the watr in the second picture.

  3. Marka

    haha, there you go letting your mind run wild again.

  4. Gaelyn

    Oh darn, no nudie shots. But is a very pretty bay.

  5. Avril

    No nudies!!! But what a beautiful beach!! Love the last photo – contrast colours, blues, beige/brown and the greens – lovely ! Beautiful blues of the sea in second photo too! Just like Mauritius 🙂 !

  6. Max-e

    I've was there many years ago….enough said.

  7. Helen

    Great shots of a spectacular area. When the sea looks that stunning turquoise colour it is usually freezing cold, heh heh. Unfortunately there have been quite a few muggings in that area over the last while so it isn't a safe spot to visit any more (especially with expensive camera equipment).

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