Knysna has been chosen as South Africa’s favorite town twice in a row and only last year lost their title to Mossel Bay. It is surrounded by indigenous forests, mountains and the Knysna Lagoon. The town’s most prominent landmark is the Knysna Heads situated at the entrance into the lagoon from the sea. Knysna has so much to do and see. The area is a haven for artists and many of their wares can be found in the town’s abundance of curio shops and art studios. Visitors can do anything from cruises on the lagoon to slow walks in the forests. The Knysna Lagoon is one of the best growing areas for oysters in South Africa and many of the local restaurants serve it. Its an aphrodisiac, you know?

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  1. ben wideman

    Beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kim

    Stunning. All that beauty is mesmerizing.

  3. Jacob

    Magnificent! Splendiforous!

  4. Vagabonde

    I have been away since your post of 16-June on Valley of Desolation and since then you have posted so many interesting photos and facts about your area, like the Howl House, the lovely Cape St Francis, and especially the Tsitsikamma Forest. When I was 10 years old we moved from Paris to a town near the Forêt de Montmorency and I loved to take walks there with my dog. I really enjoy reading your blog. South Africa sounded so far away and apart from the wild animals I did not imagine it very well, now with all your photos I certainly can. I’d love to visit all the lovely places you show us, but it is still very far from Atlanta where I now live. I’ll start checking the air fares and see if, somehow, our budget could manage going for a visit.

  5. DelBoy

    You are moving closer and closer to my home town! My parents used to have a holiday house on the Brenton side of Knysna. Loved spending lazy days on the lagoon or diving in the Heads area.Is this taken from the ferry?

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