Sandboarding at Maitlands

The giant sand dune at Maitlands is a very spot for families to visit on weekend. Adults and children alike trek up the ridge of the dune to get to the top and enjoy the view (while getting their breaths back) before heading down the steep side, mostly at speed. A lot of people go there with body boards, cardboard or anything they can slide down the dune on. Every now and then you will find somebody with a sand board who knows what they are doing. Till they plough into the sand face first…

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  1. vantrekker UK

    Memories come flooding back; Braaies, swimming, gasping for breath getting to the top.Running down and not being able to stop. Sunburn/sunstroke, Rondavels,drunken parents.Freshly caught fish on the braai,fantastic views,white sandy beach,Family and friends,Biltong.Thanks for the memoriesByadankie.(sorry for the spelling)

  2. Dot

    This sure is a new one for me…snow or waves sure, but sand?! Had no idea that could even be done…but it looks fun…I guess till they wipeout :o)

  3. Anonymous

    Geez, I can recall as a kid, almost being concussed after battling to get the board moving – much prodding and pushing by my dad resulted in all hell breaking loose and the board, with me hanging on for all I was worth, flying down the dune. All the time gathering more and more speed. I remember going full taps across the river (small stream) and coming to an abrupt halt in the middle of some bushes. Ah, what memories…

  4. Anonymous

    We always had a piece of hardboard with a loop of electric flex attached to two corners stashed in the garage for years, just waiting for the next trip to Maitlands 😉

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Everybody. I am very interested in learning to sandboard and I have no clue where to begin. please help? Have a great week