Ronnie’s Sex Shop

Let’s fall right in the door and explain before there are *gasps* and threats of blog boycotts because I’m posting about a sex shop (sic).  If you are a South African you may be familiar with Ronnie’s Sex Shop on Route 62 near the town of Barrydale in the Klein Karoo.  If you are from elsewhere and have never heard of Ronnie’s, then listen up.
Some years ago a guy called Ronnie decided to fix up a building next to the popular Route 62 to turn it into a farm stall and sell fresh fruit, produce and perhaps a couple odd souvenirs to passing motorists .  Nearing completion Ronnie painted the name Ronnie’s Shop on the wall, but a couple of his friends decided to pull a prank on good ol’ Ronnie.  They added the word SEX next to the name and thus changing it to Ronnie’s Sex Shop.  Ronnie was shocked and angry, but as he had more urgent work to do he never got around to changing the name again.  Passers by would stop and ask after the name while his friends came by for a few beers a couple of times.  One night over a braai and a couple of drinks one of his friends suggested that he drop the whole farm stall idea and just open a pub.  The rest, are history as they say.  Over the years Ronnie’s Sex Shop has become known world wide and has become a regular stop for bikers, local farmers and (local and international) people travelling this road regularly.

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  1. Nat

    Hahaha! I drove past that last year on my way back to Cape Town from Calitzdorp 🙂 Wonder how many disappointed customers stop for all the wrong reasons 😉

  2. Avril

    We had a drink there and I took lots of photos inside!!!! Still need to post them!Fascinating place !

  3. Gaelyn

    This post should get a LOT of hits with that title. After all, sex sells. Funny story.

  4. Max-e

    The last time we stopped there for a drink we were invited to join their weekly braai, but had to press on to Cape Town. It has become quite an institution.

  5. Perry

    Funny. With friends like that…….:-)

  6. Jeanne

    Hahaha that's brilliant! Will be driving that eat in April with Austrian friends and must remember to point it out to them! 🙂

  7. Katy

    This is an interesting story. I would like to visit this place when I come to South Africa 🙂

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