Rocky coastline

I took Chaos Boy for a morning of geocaching along Marine Drive the other day, picking up about 15 caches along the Wildside.  It meant that we stopped quite often to go boulder hopping in search of caches.  The Wildside between Cape Recife and Schoenmakerskop (and further) is a rugged coastline and when the south-westerly wind starts pumping it truly becomes wild out there.  But when there is no wind its a stunning area to explore with many little trails, coves and rockpools to enjoy.

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  1. Gaelyn

    I loved the rocky coastlines of ZA more than the wind blowing beaches. Beautiful!

  2. Arija

    A rocky coastline I also find appealing and your photo is really lovely.

  3. cat

    Schoenies – my fav. PE spot.

  4. Gemma Wiseman

    This rocky area looks like a place that spells adventure. Love how the green line suddenly changes to weathered rocks!

  5. Anonymous

    Wow, Amazing view! looking scenic and attracts to visit. Great post.