New shoots of life

Nature is a wonderful thing.  It can be destroyed so easily through natural causes or human doing, but it is resilient and will always fight back.  Sometimes immediately and sometimes only much later.  We as humans don’t always give nature the respect it deserves, destroying and polluting as far as we go.  At least many are waking up to the fact and is trying to do something about it.  Some people are trying hard to distroy this world we live in either through their greed or ignorence.  But Mother Earth will persist and with our help will (hopefully) be around for a long time to come. 
Sorry, didn’t mean to be so deep this morning.  Just didn’t want to write something like “A new shoot appearing after a fire” or something like that.

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  1. Gaelyn

    You are so right. Life returns. And probably quicker without us humans.

  2. I tend to think that this world will survive long after we are gone. People are destroying themselves and others but nature will always take care of itself.

  3. Anonymous

    Really, just amazing! plants looking fresh.

  4. Nat

    You've raised an important issue here – good post! We abuse our planet badly and rely on Mother Nature's healing hand….