Post no 499… big changes coming!

Apple Express Trains being refurbished at the diesel depot in Humewood, reflecting in the engineers pit.

OK, we have a sort of “good news ,bad news” scenario for you. The bad news is that after almost 500 posts on this blog, we are ready to take a break. We have made some wonderful friends around the world, and it has been fun. We will miss you, and I know many of you enjoy your visits to see what is going on in PE.

So that is where the good news comes in… we don’t want to abandon you guys who love checking up on the old home town from time to time. And we are leaving you in some extremely capable hands… Firefly is an ex tour guide and works in the tourism industry. He is passionate about PE, and very well informed too, as well as a great photographer. He has agreed to adopt our baby and keep it going.

So tommorrow we will go out with a bang, and our 500th post will be some of our all time favourite photos… and then on Sunday, please welcome Firefly into the driving seat, we are sure you will enjoy the ride!

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  1. John U

    We will miss you. Hope Firefly will continue showing us the unusual (that is, not tourist) shots of PE. Will you be continuing your blogs?Happy painting!

  2. Anonymous

    will miss you on the blog but will keep in touch (just in case!!)Gaston

  3. Firefly

    All I will say now is that I am absolutely honoured to have been asked to take over the blog. The rest I will keep as a bit of a tribute for Sunday.

  4. Hilda

    Elaine of Willits also decided to stop her daily blog yesterday, after celebrating one complete year with no day missed. Now you! 🙁 But it’s nice to know that PEDP will continue, thanks to Firefly.Good luck with your future endeavors, Sue and Max! Bless you both.

  5. Greta

    You did a most awesome job and happy to know the nostalgia will keep on being there!Regards from Texas.

  6. Anonymous

    Aaaah! that is a shame. I will miss your fantastic photography and for keeping me up to date with PE.Hope Firefly will be posting the same size photos as yours (smaller ones not so good!)Will we still see Sue’s Arty Farty blog? Hope so.Good health and good luck for the future.Brenda – UK

  7. Chris

    I am sorry to see you go, but enjoy your break and perhaps come back again when you are both rested.I will continue to look in as often as I can. Mum is in hospital in St Georges, so I may well be there in the flesh sooner than I had planned.Firefly please keep up the stirling work, good luck to you all from a daffodil coverd Wales.

  8. sam

    Thanks for all the lovely comments. Yes we will keep up our other blogs, perhaps not always as regularly, but when time and inspiration permit! We look forward to seeing you there. Chris, sorry to hear about your mom, let me know if we can help?

  9. Jeanne

    Oh no! I mean, I'm glad you'll have more time to pursue other projects, but you will be missed! I have really grown quite addicted, and am very glad to hear that Firefly will be taking over – a very worthy successor. Take care & hope to stay in touch.

  10. Gauteng

    You will definately be missed Sue and Max.I hope you will still be contibuting to a certain extend and hope full you not leaving PE or the country.