Township school

Most of the tour operators doing township tours in Port Elizabeth support a school or other worthwhile project by visiting them on the tour and contributing to them financially. One of the schools visited by probably the biggest township tour operator in the city, Calabash Tours, is the New Brighton Primary School. On the visit to the school the visitors get taken through some of the classes to see the kids work before having tea and being told how they could support the school as well. Through visits like this quite a few tourists has committed themselves to sponsoring a child’s education or by sending much needed goods to the different projects run by the Calabash Trust.

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  1. Steffe

    That is of course a great idea.

  2. Nieves

    That is a very beautiful idea indeed! Regards and nice weekend from Madrid,

  3. Gaelyn

    Great idea!

  4. This is such a good idea! Also glad to see that the more things change the more they stay the sme and 2 litre ice cream containers are still being used in schoold for stationery, just like we used to do!

  5. Anonymous

    Hello Yonker,may I suggest that you also tell about Zama? As far as I know, Zama helps with food and afternoon activities – every day.Michaelfor answers, edit&use:m.finselbach gmx,de

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