Palm tree silhouette

I was waiting for a meeting the other day and sat playing around a bit with my camera.  The sun was behind the palm tree outside the venue and the palm leaves with the weaver nests hanging on them was very nicely silhouetted. *click*

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  1. Avril

    Nice one!! Looks like an African Christmas tree with Christmas dangly decorations!!

  2. Helen

    Very nice shot. The nests are the same shape as drops of water… they look as if they're going to drip off the palm fronds!

  3. Nice silhoette shot. Bet it's warm down there :)

  4. Steffi

    Very beautiful silhouette!Enjoy your summer there.

  5. EG Wow

    The sky is very lovely. I'm fascinated by the weaver nests – are weavers birds? The nests appear to hang there precariously!

  6. Anonymous

    Nicely silhouetted!

  7. Gaelyn

    Almost looks like Christmas ornaments. Love this shot with the back lighting.

  8. Seamus

    Great photo, looks very sepia like. Cool.


    This is just the kind of wonderful photograph I am always thrilled to come upon – beautiful job!