St George’s Wild Fig Trees

There are a number of giant Wild Fig Trees in and around St George's Park, all well over 100 years old.  The one in the centre of the park next to the Pearson Conservatory must be one of my favorite trees around Port Elizabeth.  I always marvel at it's size and love walking over the sleeper bridge underneath it imagining that it could be the city's Mother Tree.

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Richmond Hill Jacaranda

I don't know why but I am noticing the blooming Jacaranda trees around Port Elizabeth a lot more this year than in the past.  Then I saw a picture of this specific Jacaranda Tree in Richmond Hill on Facebook earlier in the week and this morning while in the area recognised it.  So I just had to stop and take a photo.

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Reading the travel book one page at a time – Tree lined lane

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page - St AugustineVery true words indeed.  But I also believe that while travelling you need to go off the beaten track every now and then as well otherwise you will just keep seeing what everybody else sees.  There really isn't anything wrong with that, it's just nice to see a little more sometimes as well.  And often it's something simple, like driving along this tree…

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Coral Trees – PE’s Jacarandas

Port Elizabeth can't boast with Jacaranda Trees flowering so beautifully around town in Spring as Pretoria and Bloemfontein can, but I just luuuvvveee all the Coral Trees flowering around the city.  

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Up above

Sometimes you've just got to look up every now and then

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Then and Now – The South End Fig Tree

The old Fig Tree in South End (across the road on the harbour side from the South End Museum) predates all living memory and is said to be well over 100 years old.  Back in the days pre the removal of everybody and everything from South End due to the implementation of the Group Areas Act, the tree was a popular spot.  Kids climbed up in it's branches, families had picnics in the shade and the older residents used it…

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St Georges Park Wild Fig

There is a number of Wild Fig trees in and around St Georges Park that is over a century old.  This one stands between the PE Bowling Club and the Park Drive Bowling Club.

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A flowering Kapok Tree, also known as a Silk Floss Tree

Since I started blogging nearly 7 years ago, the post that has received the most attention wasn't some exotic location, epic once in a lifetime animal photo or mind blowing sunset.  It was a post about a flowering Kapok Tree.  Up to now it has received over a whopping 20 000 page views.  I've been wanting to do another post but the problem was that I haven't had another chance of encountering one while it is in flower and having my camera…


Coral Tree hides are tricky

We all know what a Coral Tree looks like.  Perhaps not off the top of your head when you hear the name, but you'll definitively know what I'm talking about if I call it a Lucky Bean Tree.  Coral Trees are very distinctive in that they loose their leaves in autumn and have brilliant orange flowers before the leaves come back in spring.  Something you won't know though is that there are geocaches hidden in at least three Coral Trees around town…

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Pine forests in the Tsitsikamma

The Tsitsikamma's three biggest industries are tourism, dairy and forestry.  So by the last one you can gather that the area is more than just indigenous forests.  The Tsitsikamma also has a huge amount of commercial pine plantations.  Pine trees were first planted early in the 20th century to replace indigenous forests that were cut out due to extensive logging.  The exotic trees were a bad replacement for the indigenous trees but the fact that they grow quickly meant that…

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