Old Slipway at Humewood Beach

I always find the old slipway at Humewood Beach a very interesting feature on the Port Elizabeth beachfront. The slipway was used for boat repairs before the PE Harbour was built in the 1930’s. Boats sailed in between the pillars before being pulled onto the slipway. Today its a very popular snorkeling spot and used by most dive schools for their students’ first dives.

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  1. Pine

    Excellent photo! You manage to capture the “1930″

  2. Gaelyn

    An interesting set up for dry docking.

  3. Great shot – i love the wide angle you've used and the amazing colour of the water. Gotta love PE on a sunny day!

  4. Greta

    I remember the 'ropes' that were out there at the humewood beach…… it was great fun to swim out to the ropes and hang onto one in the wild abandon.

  5. Tint

    Beautiful photo! Humewood was my favourite beach. I remember those ropes and the challenge to swim out to them.