Library emblem

Taking a walk around the city centre the other day, I noticed this feature on the side of the Main Library building facing St Mary’s Church. The emblem in the middle is Port Elizabeth’s old coat of arms, but I found the knight at the top to be quite a peculiar site. Oh and, is that a gargoyle I see at the bottom? Not many of them around town.

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  1. Dean Harvey

    Have just confirmed that we've got tickets and will be coming across in June and July. I'll be following England but really looking forward to it all. A bit daunted by all the rumours around safety and that there won't be enough accommodation for us all – but that's part of the adventure I guess

  2. Chuck Pefley

    Great design there. I'm not sure of the gargoyle status, but would be quite willing to think the knight symbolizes good and the devilish face symbolizing evil.