Oh the Horror!

In the spirit of tomorrow being Halloween, I decided to do a horror picture tonight. But not a conventional horror pic, something different. In the townships they sell most goods from the side of the road. In this case chickens are sold “life or plucked”. I thought it to be an interesting photo to have the life chicken in the front with the plucked ones in the back. As I took the pic the chicken looked back at the plucked ones and made it even more interesting.

“Is that you Fred?”

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  1. Karin

    LOL!! Can’t help but laugh at your caption. Poor chicken, he must have been having a very stressful day! Very good capture.

  2. Jenty

    Eeeuww!! Makes me want to never eat chicken again!

  3. Ann

    Haha brilliant shot, poor old fella must be wondering how much time he has left.

  4. Faye Pekas

    Oh poor poor Fred!! This is just too weird lol. Hopefully she didn’t realize she was going to be following Fred to the kitchen table soon.

  5. Jo

    I wonder what is going through that chicken’s mind? Goodness! The horror! *heh*Once again I am playing blog catch up, and your post about the game reserve is wonderful…! Now, that is what I call a vacation. In fact, I may come over several times a day just to look at the pictures, and I an visualize myself there. 🙂

  6. kcblog

    My question, was the onlooking chicken thinking “Is that Fred?” or “is that Dinner?”The photo on the other hand, great capture and caption!

  7. Jeanne

    Oh, very Monty Python!! Remember the fish tank scene? Excellent capture 🙂

  8. Jessi

    God help you and your lack of empathy. I hope you’re able to change.

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