Museum parking

The South End Museum has struggled with parking space at the museum since they opened.  They recently secured funding to have a parking area developed on the corner between the museum and the busy Beach Road / Walmer Boulevard intersection.  The centre piece of the parking area is a granite “soccer ball” which was one of the legacy projects that was part of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

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  1. Suzi-k

    …. yes and i believe it cost 2.1 million????? Someone's palms must be very well greased, sheesh! i can think of a lot of ways to spend 2.1 million that would provide things this city needs that are more useful to the infrastructure and people's needs than an overpriced granite ball!

  2. John U

    I agree with Suzi-k but must say that I cannot recall seeing such a delightful parking area.

  3. Seamus

    Great pic Firefly. Keep them coming. got them coming into a feed reader now to make it easier to see when the updates come through.

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