Cruising the Breede River at Viljoensdrift

There is probably no better way to enjoy the Viljoensdrift wines than leisurely cruising along the Breede River on a sunny day.  The Viljoensdrift wine estate offers one hour cruises up and down the river from their shop and tasting area on the farm and although we’re not wine lovers (and you don’t have to actually drink wine to go on the cruise), we decided to go for the outing.
The boat seats about 40 people and most of our fellow passengers bought wine from the estate before the cruise to take along.  Ours was a nice hot sunny day with no wind and it was ideal for cruising.  Just to show how laid back it was, Chaos Boy who doesn’t sit still for long on the best of days were up and down the steps and literally hung from the rafters next to the boat’s captain… and nobody even batted a eye lit. 
I think the most innovative idea that goes along with the cruise is the fact that passengers get given a “Create a picnic basket” menu containing items from the deli on check-in at the wine estate.  As you board you get given your picnic basket and wine to take on board.  As we were going for lunch after the cruise we didn’t order anything to eat, but the family next to us did I got the opportunity to take a snap of them tucking in.

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  1. Avril

    Ahh my kind of cruise !!! What a good idea to have a picnic, with wines, while cruising on the river ! Lovely !

  2. Gaelyn

    Looks like the perfect place for a picnic and little sip.

  3. leilani

    Fire .. What an amzing thing for the children! Love it!

  4. Caroline

    Some friends of ours from Scotland recently did this boat trip and really loved it.

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