Moon + Shadow

I’m sure blogland is going to be awash with images of the latest total eclipse of the moon…. but anyway here is a sepia shot of how it looked in PE at 3.48 am on Thursday.

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  1. And, of course, from up here we could see the mirror image of your photo. :)The orange glow was amazing. I took a few photos, none of them good enough to show.

  2. Sonia

    Great photo!

  3. Uma por Dia

    Lovely. You right, many photos but you and mitchster are my favourites!

  4. Andrea

    Wow, great shot. I slept through it.

  5. Gwyn

    Beautiful shot! We weren’t able to see it in Juneau. There was too much cloud cover.

  6. Barbara

    My shots were all “Puny” compared to yours…Beautiful!

  7. Just saw your thumbnail on the portal and had to come look at it again. Such a nice shot… 🙂

  8. sam

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  9. yoshi

    Just one word : Wonderful!

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