Mohair Products

Yesterday I kicked off my series of posts related to the International Mohair Summit with some background information. For today’s post I want to show off some of the mohair products that was on show at the trade show that was held at the summit.

One of the most popular mohair products are mohair blankets. There were several stalls with blankets, but some of the most exquisite ones must have been those on the stand of Jan Paul Barnard (Mohair Weavers).

People always go mad about Persian carpets, but if you ask me, I would much rather prefer a mohair carpet from Elsa Barnard Mohair Carpets. The designs are absolutely awesome, the colours great and then there is the fact of “Local is lekker”.

I was very impressed with the mohair collection of dresses by Natalie Creed. Her mohair collection is called Bon Foret and the designs are done mostly in earthy colours.

Although not a mohair product, probably the stand that got the most attention was the one with Angora goat meat products. An Angora goat can produce quality mohair until they are about 7 or 8 years old. Elna van den Bergh ( and her partners are from the town of Jansenville and they have started to produce angora meat for the market. Now don’t go and imagine somebody braaiing angora steak and chops. The products include burger patties, boerewors (sausage), cheese grillers, salami, brawn, droë wors (dried sausage) and the most divine liver paté.

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  1. Gaelyn

    The mohair blankets are nice, but I really like the rugs. I've eaten goat before in Mexico and enjoyed it. Now you've made me hungry. Seems like the old goats that no longer make good Mohair could be slaughtered for some yummy sausage. Interesting post Jonker.

  2. Avril

    Very very interesting !!! Mohair blankets are so light and yet very warm. I use one on the bed in winter. Love the clothing – prickly, maybe, against the skin – but would be lovely and warm. Wouldn't be keen to try the meat – just a tiny taste, but not a whole piece. Would definitely buy a rug!!

  3. Karin

    Mmm, don't think I ever had goat before. Am wondering if it tastes like mutton? Mohair is a great product – so lovely and warm!

  4. Marka

    Such wonderful colors and textures!

  5. I have always loved these carpets Jonker and the ones in your picture are really beautiful.

  6. Janet

    Those dresses are stunning! Pity I don't have the figure to wear one! LOL! I have never knowingly tasted goat, although someone told me that a lot of the “lamb” we buy is actually goat – I wouldn't know about that, because we buy our lamb from the Karoo so I don't often buy it in the shops. Does it taste good?

  7. Jeanne

    I grew up with Jan Paul Barnard rugs as my parents LOVED them – nice to see they are still going! I stock up on mohair socks every time I come to PE – they are the BEST in the Londin winter. Interesting to see the goat meat products – I always wonder why we don't eat more goat in SA…