Mohair ground breaking

Did you know that Port Elizabeth is the mohair capital of the world?  South Africa produces 53% of global mohair production and together with Lesotho produces 70% of world production.  The majority of the world's mohair gets processed in two plants in the Eastern Cape while there are two dedicated mohair spinners within Nelson Mandela Bay.  Port Elizabeth is also home to Mohair South Africa and it is here where most of South Africa's mohair gets handled and exported from.   Last…

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Hinterveld Mohair factory shop

The last stop on the Mohair Factory Tour in Uitenhage is the Mohair factory show at Hinterveld.  Open to the public, this shop sells labeled mohair products that retails for a lot more in other shops and often gets exported to fashion retailers and designers in the UK and other countries. Yesterday I attended the groundbreaking of the new Mohair South Africa headquarters in Port Elizabeth (I'll still post about that) and found out to my shock that the Gubb and Inggs Factory…


Spinning mohair tops

Ever wondered how yarn is spun? It is one of the things you get to see while on the Mohair Factory Tour in Uitenhage.  This section of the tour is through Mohair Spinners South Africa and is probably the most interesting part of the tour when it comes to "fancy machinery".  The machines even know when the yarn breaks, grabbing it and weaving the two pieces together again before continuing.  Fascinating.   

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Bales of clean mohair

Remember the bales of raw mohair arriving at the factory I posted on Sunday?  Well, these are the bales of clean mohair that gets exported after the whole cleaning process has been completed.

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Mohair – after the wash

In the first picture of this series of pictures from the Hinterveld Mohair Factory Tour in Uitenhage showed the raw mohair as it comes in from the farm.  From there it goes through a washing and drying process.  The washing process takes the mohair through two baths where a machine with "spider" legs makes sure it gets dunked and washed properly.  They then come out at this spot in the picture before being sucked into the drying pipes.  I don't…

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Raw mohair arriving at the factory

I came across a folder with five pictures taken at Hinterveld in Uitenhage during a Mohair Factory Tour which for some reason I never posted.  Oh well, better late than never.  At the start of the tour you get to see the bales of raw mohair as it arrives at the factory for processing.  The washing, drying and combing process takes place at Gubb & Inggs, one of three factories (the others being Mohair Spinners South Africa and the Hinterveld…


Woolie fun

Three of the #PERocks bloggers, Heather Mason of 2Summers, Meruschka Govender of Mzansi Girl and Rachel Lang of Bushbound Girl, having that sinking feeling in the sheep wool on the Hinterveld Mohair Mill Tour.  Not something one can do just anywhere.

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Bright mohair colours

The Hinterveld mohair weaving mill in Uitenhage produces mohair blankets and other products for retail all over the world.  Who would ever have thought that Uitenhage would play on major fashion platforms but when you see the products produced there you would not be surprised.

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Mohair yarn strands

The Hinterveld Mohair Mill Tour in Uitenhage is not your normal run of the mill (excuse the pun) tour, but visitors go there expecting one thing and leaving with a whole different impression.  The factory is also heaven for photographers with so many interesting objects and angles like this one of all the colourful mohair yarn strands going into the weaving machine, turning it into exquisite blankets.

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The Hinterveld Story yesterday's post, Mohair Weaving, I discovered a video on YouTube called The Hinterveld Story.  The video shows some of the scenes and things you would see if you go on the Hinterveld Mohair Mill Tour in Uitenhage and the story of Hinterveld as told by Daniel Stucken.  Well worth a watch.  I know some PEDP purists would say, "But this isn't a photo. Where is our daily photo?" A photo tells a 100 words and this video does more.  I…

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