Market Square aerial

I was very disappointed the day I saw that the municipality started to allow officials to use Market Square as a parking lot.  Tourists wanting to have a look around have to dodge cars and when you want to take a nice picture there is always a vehicle in the way.  Plus I don’t think the paving put down on Market Square was done with a view that it would be come a parking lot so I’m sure at some stage in the very near future we will see some serious damage being done to it.  I just thought I wanted to get that off my chest.  The picture of the Port Elizabeth City Hall and Market Square was taken from the top of the Sky Deck on one of the adjacent buildings.

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  1. Thomas Coggin

    That's shocking! Public space is for people – not cars!

  2. Grant Slater

    All hail the mighty motor vehicle.

  3. Gaelyn

    What a shame to destroy a public gathering place with autos.

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