Lost City at Sun City

The Lost City at Sun City is a fantasy development which recreates an African themed lost city which was inhabited by an ancient civilization complete with ruins of lost temples, statues and carvings of animals, caves, lakes and much more.

It all starts on the Bridge of Time. Lined with elephants and surrounded by cliffs carved with wild animals, the Bridge of Time moves and rumbles every hour as if a volcano is about to erupt, smoke and all…

The Kong Gates open up on the Monkey Spring Plaza with magnificent view to the Palace of the Lost City in the background and the Valley of the Waves below.

The Valley of the Waves is an awesome playground with a wave pool creating surfable wave washing onto the man made beach. Other activities in the valley includes several ault slides, tube rides and the Slide of Courage, a near vertical slide that will leave your heart (and stomach) in your throat. The Valley creates an amphitheatre of fun and relaxation.

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  1. Karin

    I love the Valley of the Waves, it always makes me feel like a child again!

  2. Janet

    A place of fun! I love it. Was the “earth quake” mechanism working this time?

  3. Steffi

    Wow…what for a fantastic place where you was!I am sure you had a nice time there!

  4. Avril

    Super photos! I think we need to go again – I haven’t even seen the Lost City – shocking!!