Looking up the Campanile

I wonder how many people visiting the Campanile look up before entering and think to themselves, “Self, how am I ever going to climb all those steps to get up there without dying?” Yes, there are 204 steps, but if you take it easy, visit every level and don’t think about it too much, you’ll be at the top before you’ll know it.  Or just take the lift if it’s working.  But ascending the Campanile with the lift just isn’t quite the same as being able to say, “I climbed the Campanile.”

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  1. Elephant's Eye

    Would there be concerts using the bells? A guild of bellringers?

  2. Caroline

    Interesting perspective! Hope they rang out the bells for the Royal Wedding in memory of the 1820 settler's roots.

  3. William Kendall

    The angle makes it look all the more imposing.

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