Lighthouse study

About two weeks ago Max did a similar series of photos on the Cape St Francis lighthouse on The maX Files and after seeing it I felt inspired to try some creative shots in the lighthouse as well.

Looking out one of the lighthouse windows on the way out
Damp taking its toll

Spiraling down

One powerful light bulb

Zebra railing?

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  1. Avril

    Very nice ones – I like them!! A touch of vertigo with the last one – needed the railing to hold on to!!

  2. Steffi

    Very nice shots.I like lighthouses too and I love the Sea.

  3. Janet

    Those are really cool! I quite like the damp and the rustness! Like I said last time, something very special about lighthouses.

  4. Avril

    Thanks for advice on time – will try it later – when it’s nice a quiet with no littlies around … I can then concentrate on what I’m doing!!! Now – will feel really stupid if it’s ever so simple which it probably is ..!!!!!!

  5. mjw

    This is awesome. I love lighthouses. I started photographing them about 18 months ago (two down, many to go :).

  6. Lindy

    beautiful! love that you have access to such a fantastic place. Love the first one and that last one… WOW what a view! You live in a beautiful part of the world.

  7. Jeanne

    Great shots! I really wanted to go up there over Easter, but we had 87 year old dad and 6 yr old nephew with vertigo in tow, so maybe another time!!

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