Lazing King of the Jungle

Over the next couple of days I will show you some of the shots I took at Pumba Private Game Reserve on the weekend.

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  1. leilani

    oh my !!!!!!!!!!!!!! what hes really thinking is in the eye he is laying on !!! This is an awesome pic !!thank you!!

  2. Avril

    Beautiful photo – so clear! Now .. he just wants to be left alone to snooze!

  3. Janet

    Look at those eyes! I wonder what he is thinking about? How beautiful!

  4. Avril

    Thanks for your comments – I too was amazed at the response on the hoepoes – and yet I was surprised at the lack of response on the Thokozisa entry – which I thought would interest overseas ‘visitors’! You live and learn!! Toys – yes try it – you have boys and girls stuff!

  5. Karin

    Wow, fantastic image! A little different from the usual pictures of lions.

  6. Jo

    Lions are absolutely my favorite animal. What a gorgeous creature! He definitely knows he’s the king of the animals, doesn’t he?

  7. Jeanne

    What a totally stunning shot! I’d hate to be an antelope with that beady eye on me!!