Kermit’s cousins

There are many different varieties of frogs in Southern Africa, some of them big and others small. Today I have two pics of some of the smaller frogs we have in this part of the world. Now I’ve never pretended to be some frog expert, so I went to look up their names in one of my animal books. If I’m not 100% on target, well bad luck then. I tried my bestest.

This little guy is a Clicking Stream Frog. I spotted him one day on a trip down the Storms River Pass in the Tsitsikamma. We were having picnic under the trees next to the river when I saw the movement between the leaves. His camouflage is excellent and I count myself lucky to have been able to see him.
This one, although smaller was easy to see. The Painted Reed Frog is one of those little ones you normally only hear clicking in the reeds and grasses near water. We sommer call them “tree frogs”, but there are many different types of “tree frogs”. He was sitting on a wooden deck at the Seaview Game and Lion Park and the other people there were looking at me very funny crawling along on all fours on the deck to get some pics on his level.

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  1. gina

    these are very cool…and so interesting to see different varieties from other parts of the world.

  2. Ann

    Very nice frogs, our frogs over here are boring greeny coloured, we have loads in our garden, yours have much more exciting colours, no tree frogs here. Great Pics, hope you enjoyed your soccer exhibition.

  3. Anonymous

    First frog is definitely not Clicking Stream frog. It is more likely a Raucous Toad

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