Installing a passion for the outdoors

When we are out and about I much rather prefer to take pictures of my KidZ doing things naturally than let them pose.  After posting yesterday’s picture of Chaos Boy walking on the railway line I found another picture, this time of the KidZ during a recent walk on the Lower Guinea Fowl Trail.  I wish my folks could afford to take us to travel and explore as much when I was small.  Unfortunately that wasn’t the case and I only really discovered travelling after school.  With the KidZ I want to install that passion for the outdoors and travel right from the start.

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  1. Jo

    You have great KidZ! Yes, I wish I'd had that privilege as a child too, Jonker. But we're making up for it now! Our grandchildren who live in Mozambique and come “home” to the 'Berg, are all outdoorzy kids from birth. Their parents (our son and daughter-in-law) were taught by us and her parents to love the outdoors and traveling. Greetings from Jo, Tanzania

  2. Gaelyn

    Yes, you do have great KidZ. So wonderful that you share your love of the outdoors.

  3. Ordinarylife

    I was very lucky as a kid to have mom that loved being outdoors and would take us with. I also hope to instill that in my kid – it is hard though with a husband that is not keen on travelling or getting out that much.

  4. Margaret

    How far away do the black mambas reside?When I was a kid in California, we kept out a constant eye for the Western Diamondback Rattlers.

  5. Firefly

    Black mambas are way up on the east coast. Here we've gotta be on the lookout for Puffadders and Cape Cobra