I am an African

Under the Settlers Freeway on the flyover pillars between the Campanile and the bus station there are a series of 10 art pieces that form part of Route 67.  The paintings, called “Identities” by Lubhi Mtathi, is a series of colourful and evocative portraits that depict young South Africans from a range of cultural backgrounds.  Its all about cultural stereotypes and misconceptions.  This is one that I strongly relate to.  I am a South African and an African.  I was born here and so was my parents and grand parents and great grandparents and… (ok, so I’m not sure how far back exactly but its more than just one or two generations).  I may be white – and I would rather call it white than European – but I am African.  Like it or not, I’m a white African.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hope they get the support they need .. sounds incredible !!

  2. Gaelyn

    And so you should be! Just because we can trace our ancestry outside of our current country doesn't change our citizenry to where we call home.That powerful video speaks more than words from the heart. I'll bet the children's play was every bit as moving and hope they can share it with more.I'd be proud to call myself African.

  3. Firefly

    Holding thumbs for them. I would go and see it again

  4. Firefly

    The video does say it all. Nothing more needed.

  5. Jean Greyling

    Just to inform you – the show is in the Ford Little Theater on 19-20 June 2014!

  6. Jo

    Jip, I also go back at least five generations! And yes I'm a white African ! Good post.