Air plant flowers

I think the one thing in my mother’s garden that always fascinated me was her air plants.  They used to hang in a rubber tree close to the front gate and once a year these grey spikey looking plants that doesn’t grow from the ground got the most beautiful pink and blue flowers.  When my mom sold her house she gave all her air plants to me and I now have them all over my garden.  This time of year they are stunning and it still amazes me how something that doesn’t grow from the ground and doesn’t get watered regularly can bloom such beautiful flowers. 

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  1. BlouKous

    Lovely colours! Must admit I am just a tad jealous as I had to throw out yet another dead plant today. My tally is rather embarrassing and I’m starting to think that maybe I should just give up while I’m ahead…

  2. Ann

    Just air and water, thats amazing !! great flowers too.

  3. Faye Pekas

    Wow, its hard to believe these can grow without soil.. or nutrients of any kind. They really must be hardy. Hmm I wonder if even I could grow this kind. I have a black thumb. The flowers are beautiful.

  4. Karin

    I used to have one of those, but also not the flowering type. I have in fact never seen the flowering type, it is gorgeous! I’ll have to find me one…

  5. Jenty

    These are very pretty, mine don’t flower.

  6. Max-e

    Nice shots Firefly. We have these as well. They are very rewaeding.

  7. Ordinarylife

    I have (had) the exact same plants. They were hanging from a tree in my yard. My dogs however thought it great fun to jump up and pull them down. I keep finding pieces of them scattered all over our yard. Such a pity as they are beautiful when in flower.

  8. Jeanne

    Are these a type of bromeliad? They certainly look like it – and aren’t they amazing, getting a foothold practically anywhere?