Humewood Hotel on Marine Drive

The three star Humewood Hotel on Marine Drive is one of the oldest hotels in the city and started its existence as the Humewood Mansions.  The same family that was responsible for the building of the hotel still owns it now, three generations later.  I dug around the internet a little and couldn’t find a lot of information on the history of the hotel.  Little snippets did crop up from an interview with Dave Snuggs, the general manager of the hotel.

  • “Originally only the central section of the hotel was built – as a double-story building – and the road that ran past the front of the hotel was a dirt road.”  There is no recorded date of this build as plans were required to be submitted!
  •  “Circa1925 the two wings were added to the hotel that substantially increased the number of rooms and added an extra story to the building on the side wings. At that time the majority of rooms were serviced by communal ablution facilities, a challenge that was placed on management some years later to rectify!”
  • “In 1985 an elevator was added and the challenge of providing en- suite bathrooms for every room was tackled.”

I got the quoted info from the Travel and Things blog

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  1. Gaelyn

    That sure looks nicer than where I stayed.