Harbour aerial

The Port Elizabeth harbour was built in 1933 after the completion of the Charl Malan Quay (No.1 Quay, now used as the Container and Car Terminals).  It is one of two harbours in Algoa Bay with the Coega Industrial Harbour being the other.
The harbour wall can be seen on the right.  Going along the wall to the left is the tanker berth where the ships carrying fuel to the harbour docks and to the left of that (where the two ships are) is the manganese ore terminal.  Just above that on the left hand side is the yacht basin and the fishing boat section of the harbour with the middle section is taken up partly by the fresh produce terminal and gets used for the export of deciduous and citrus fruit.  The far side of the harbour is the car and container terminal.

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  1. Unknown

    It's “harbour”, please – not “harbor”. We haven't been colonized by the Yankees – yet! 😉

  2. Jonker Fourie

    The darn autocorrect got me and I didn't even notice. I always spell it with “OU”. Thanks, I corrected it.

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